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And we are back to our renovation… with the floors slated to be finished Wednesday. Not to worry we are only hosting Thanksgiving the very next day 😁 this should make for a very interesting few days.

And we are back to our renovation… with the floors slated to be finished Wednesday. Not to worry we are only hosting Thanksgiving the very next day 😁 this should make for a very interesting few days.

An Inbetween Floor Tour

One of the biggest projects we knew we had to tackle was getting rid of the 80’s 8x8 terracotta tiles that lived in our entry way, both bathrooms, kitchen and even 4x4’s as our back splash - can we say contractors special. After 2 years of living with these butties and much debate over DIY ( we even tried! we rented a jack hammer from H.D. to quickly learn how loud and messy the demo was going to be. We got up 1.5 tiles before some neighbors came a knocking. We didn’t realize work like this couldn’t be done on a Saturday via the condo rules -oops!) vs. hiring professionals. So we took the leap and hired some help.

Here is a before of the entry way.

before : entry way

Can we say ewwwww. So sorry, we won’t miss you. And now some progress pictures, and our tile selections via many, many hours of google searching to find the very best prices, deals and steals!

progress : entry way

Poloshed White Greenican Marble for the entry way, Hello Fancy-Town!

master bath : progress

With our teeny tiny bathrooms (27 sq. ft.) we could really up the ante and still stay on budget. So we stepped it up with Carrara White Herringbone, SWOON!

guest bath : progress

Pearl Glass Mosaic adds a little glitz and glam to our guest bath.

kitchen : progress

And for our kitchen bold 12 x 24 Cedir Bambu Grigio tiles, contemporary yet timeless. We were actually really lucky to purchase these for $200 off our our condo board after some of the “blue hairs” in our building were not happy they were planning on replacing 80’s salmon pink marble with… what… ceramic tiles… I’m not kidding, they even protested, sitting in wing back chairs in the foyer while the crew did demo work! The joys of condo living. We would have been happy with these tiles in our building foyer but we sure are glad we got to take advantage of their disapproval and buying them for such a steal. We even ended up with white marble in the building foyer, a nice continuous flow for our home.

The pictures show great progress from last week. We were so excited for this to happen. Unfortunately, we had a little bit or more of a huge let down with the quality of the work. It’s going to all be ripped up and done again. The contracting company has been very understanding with our concerns and has been really trying to make it right. Fingers crossed it will just be another week of living with half the kitchen in the Master bedroom and the dinning room table full of the coat closet contents and we can keep moving with our kitchen renovation to keep on track to be done for Christmas.

I had planned on doing a great reveal post, but this is what we have to share. Hopefully better news next week.

a pop of color - fresh flowers

One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to add a pop of color to any room is a simple vase of fresh flowers. I always have at leaset one small vase of flowers on my dinning room table. A favorite flower of mine is Alstremeria. Not only do they come in a great selection of bright colors - pink, yellow, orange and purple. But they seem to last forever. A simple $4.99 bunch from the grocery store is sure to last on my table for 2 weeks time.

Here are few simple tips to help arrange your flowers and keep them happy and healthy.

  • As soon as you get them home, trim the stems and pop them in some water.
  • When you ready to arrange them, cut them down to a size that is proportional to your vase.
  • Remove any leaves or greenery that will be inside the vase. Leaves and greens that are submerged in water will die quickly and then kill you flowers faster.
  • Be sure to give them fresh water every other day.

Alstremeria greens work really to
naturally help fill out the arrangement, so and you don’t have to over think how they are going in the vase. I simply cut all stems, but 2, the same length with the greenery/bloom at the edge of the vase. I usually end up trimming about 6 inches off the end. Then arrange them evenly around the perimeter of the vase, crossing all the stems. I take the last two stems and keep them about 3/4” longer than the rest and tuck them right in the middle. Simple, easy, beautiful and bright!

Happy Arranging!

Easter Morning…

Looked a something like this… A quiet breakfast for two.

With plenty of leftovers.

Welcome In!

Welcome to my new project - The 601. This blog is your invitation into my home, as I celebrate with my love, my family and my friends.

Mr. S. (my very handsome and very cute husband) and I are firm believers that life is too short not to take advantage and celebrate every milestone. We are not the kind of people who think Valentine’s day is a hallmark holiday. To us, it’s the perfect excuse to open a nice bottle of wine and splurge on some sushi grade tuna and cook ourselves a 3 course meal. I of course, no matter if it’s dinner for two or ten will always have a table properly set. 

I’ve been called the resident Martha in the office and I love it! I’m a graphic designer by trade and love to create. From my day job of designing emails for a fashion brand, to renovating our condo, creating invitations for friends and family to spending countless hours planning the Christmas dinner menu and dinnerware - I am excited about this new blog to collect all my entertaining projects in one place.